Monday, April 2, 2018

Can Flying Insects Be Repelled By Gadgets and Plants?

Can Flying Insects Be Repelled By Gadgets and Plants?: Flying Insects Kryptonite

Chava Roshell
UWF Student
Instructor: Thomas Asmuth
Class: Intro To Digital Studio

Statement of Interest
An analysis of the lonely stoners who frequent Pensacola Area beaches reveals one challenge facing evening tokers seeking to commune with nature: accepting the bites of sand flees.

List of Primary Sources:
o   Ultrasound mosquito repellents: Zapping the myth By William KremerBBC World Service
o   Best Plant-Based Natural Insect Repellents for Mosquitoes
o   U.S. EPA. Office of Pesticide Programs. Undated. Reregistration eligibility decision: Oil of citronella. 3105red.pdf.
o   Barnard, D.R. and R. Xue. 2004. Laboratory evaluation of mosquito repellents against Aedes albopictus, Culex nigripalpus, and Ochlerotatus.

Field Location: UWF Research Marine Site on Pensacola Beach.

Proposal: Design plant-based clothing to protect evening tokers. Design portable Plexiglas observation station.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Giffy Pop Loops

Journal Entry For Week 6

So, I decided to create Gifs from artwork purposed as a placeholder for a Hip Hop song entitled Kardashian.  Each graphic frame is an original concept.  Included is the animation for the original intent.  The animation was done by a more knowledgeable designer than I.  However, I enjoyed creating the animations for project 6.  Don't forget when saving files to save for web.  Depending on whether colors used are solids or gradients, you will have to select dithering or non dithering.  And keep the percentage low to avoid having large files.  For gradients, use dither GIF.  That prevents color banding. However, you might want to utilize no dither for solids.

I would say the first step to creating gifs is to know that Photoshop is the easiest path to creating GIFs.  My initial 3 animations are drawn images.  They are void of transitions that make them pop. They're not your typical GIF that has as funny gestures, or silly reactions to some stimulus. I didn't have a lot of time to find those noteworthy GIF moments. So, for my last three animations, I decided to take photos. So, I went to Fort Pickens to get some good footage.  Included is flashing words.  To accomplish this effect, I removed the word from every other frame to make it look faster.

Overall, I enjoyed the process.  I hope to improve significantly on creating the various effects and transitional elements.  More to come on developments as I figure them out.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Giffy Pop

I read several articles on the history of Gifs. Gif is an acronym for graphic interchange format. Essentially, they are image files compressed that permit quick transfer, or for those image files to be played in sequence. I find that Gifs are an excellent way to convey enthusiasms in my interpersonal relationship. Gifs allow for abbreviated expression, though you get your point across in a fashionable manner. I'm a romantic that excels, I think, at active listening. I employ the application because of it's ability to produce on the surface comedic sequences, that engages its viewer, and causes a reciprocal response. They're great segues into foreplay. Just one favorable benefit, I know.  I do pay particular attention to the content. Socially, I consider whether what I post will be appreciated by the receiver. For instance, if I used images of comedian Bernie Mac, would the receiver understand the Gif, or would the message get lost in translation due to non familiarity with Bernie.

Currently, I am utilizing the format for marketing a brow threading business. As a part of push and pull strategies, Gifs play on a L.e.d kiosk to attract the targeted audience via promotional footage. I found Gifs that had overgrowths of eyebrow and facial hair. When people walk by, they stop. So, there is a social benefit to the application of such files. Beyond this usage, social networking has seen an explosion of the format due to it being built into sites like Tumblr. It's site allows for up to 2 megabytes for Gif files. Couple that with it's streamlined method of sharing files with the common interests of people who like utilization of Gifs, and you generate an amazing democratic response as to what topics are viewed. 3D renderings help to push the technology further.